Vikadan is a 2003 Indian Tamil thriller film written and directed by Arun Pandian. Playback singer Harish Raghavendra played the lead role, alongside Arun Pandian, gayathri raghuram, Radhika Chaudhari and Uma.


Rammohan (Harish Raghavendra), after five long years of saying 'no' to getting married, agrees to wed Gowri (gayathri raghuram) after seeing her picture. But he gets a shock on his wedding night when Gowri turns out to be the exact opposite of what he has imagined her to be. While he had thought she would be a traditional, homely girl, Gowri turns out to be an ultra-modern gal who even drinks. On the other hand, Kaveri(Uma), who Rammohan hires as his secretary at work, is the kind of woman he wished for as his wife. Meanwhile, Rammohan rubs Selvakumar(Arun Pandiyan), the new policeman in town, the wrong way and Selvakumar itches for a chance to get back at him. The time comes when Rammohan gets into an accident.

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    director C. Arunpandian
    genre thriller
    keywords getting married married wedding night
    musicBy Jerome Pushparaj
    producer Mangant Vijaya Babu
    productionCompany Friends Creation