Only You

Only You is a romantic drama directed by Harry Wootliff, and starring Laia Costa and Josh O'Connor.


Elena, 35, is a cynic about relationships. Jake, 26, is a romantic. They meet randomly and have what they both presume to be a one-night-stand. They meet again, and consumed by infatuation, they spend day and night together, missing work, and talking into the early hours. Jake seamlessly moves in with Elena and she reveals a secret: for fear of rejection she lied about her age. She's not 28, she's 30. A few hours later she's 32. A couple of hours after that she's 34... Jake finds it funny that she has aged six years in five hours, and doesn't care. Elena insists the age difference is a problem - her parent's divorce has given her a fundamental mistrust of relationships. She pushes Jake away professing that she is ready to have children and he is too young – their relationship will not last. Jake's mum died when he was seven and he was bought up by his father who was devoted to his wife, and has not had another relationship since her death. Jake has inherited a surety about love and commitment which Elena cannot resist. Jake tells Elena he wants nothing more than to make a family with her and he doesn't want to waste any time. They start to make love.