Jajabara is a 1975 Odia language Indian movie. The music was composed by Akshya Mohanty. It was produced by Mr. Bijay Pattnaik, directed by Akshaya Mohanty, Hemanta Das and Bijay Mishra (Trimurty). It stars Sriram Panda, Banaja Mohanty and Tripura Mishra. Jajabar was the first black-and-white Odia film and also the first regional film in India to be digitally colourised and the first to be given a theatrical re-release in the state.

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    director Akshaya Mohanty Bijay Mishra
    editor Madan Gupte
    musicBy Akshaya Mohanty
    producer Bijay Pattnaik
    productionCompany Trimurty Films
    publisher Brajaraj Movies