The Roads Not Taken

The Roads Not Taken is a 2020 British-American drama film written and directed by Sally Potter. The film stars Javier Bardem, Elle Fanning, Salma Hayek and Laura Linney.


Leo lies in bed seemingly unaware that the phone is ringing and the doorbell is buzzing. His daughter, Molly, soon arrives and questions Leo as to why he did not answer the phone or the door. Leo mutters to himself as his caretaker, Xenia, begins to vacuum. Due to his dementia, Leo struggles to stay focused on getting ready for his medical appointments. He and Molly eventually make it out of the apartment and into a taxi. They head to the dentist, where Leo fails to comply with the dentist's instructions and urinates himself. After changing his clothes, Molly gets her father into another taxi only for Leo to get confused and stumble out the passenger door, hitting his head. The taxi driver calls an ambulance and Leo is taken to the emergency room. Molly's mother, Rita, arrives and chastises her ex-husband for his behavior. Molly gets into a disagreement with Rita and Leo's attending doctor while Leo fixates on his dead dog, Néstor.