Kohi Apna Sa

Kohi Apna Sa is a Hindi drama television series starring Narayani Shastri, Manasi Salvi, Aparna Tilak and Sherrin Varghese. Shruti, Khushi and Sanjana are best friends and coincidentally all three get married in same family. The three friends live a happy life in each other's company, until tragedy strikes and Shruti's husband is murdered. The show started with good ratings on Zee TV and also became one of the most watched of channel but suddenly show started losing viewership and went off air in January, 2003. It used to air from Monday to Friday from 15 October 2001 to 20 September 2002 and then it used to air from Monday to Thursday from 23 September 2002 to 15 January 2003.


Khushi, Shruti and Sanjana are the closest of friends who dote on each other. As luck would have it, they marry three cousins—Vishal, Tushar and Kabir, respectively—and living in the same house. As they cope with the challenges of adjusting into a huge joint family, their friendship comes under pressure; but they always try to support each other.