Ticket is a film directed by Im Kwon-taek in 1985. It depicts the sometimes brutal life of the Korean tabang girls. Tabangs are coffee houses in Korea and many offer outcall services in which the girls deliver coffee to customers, and sometimes extra sexual services for a price termed a "ticket". The price of the ticket is W25,000 which the customer pays to the proprietor of the tabang. The customer and the girl usually negotiate for extra services. Sometimes the customer will take the girl to a norae-bang (노래방) just to sing. At other times the customer may just enjoy the company of the young lady at a meal in a restaurant. The extra meal and or the norae-bang of course are paid for by the customer.


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    director Im Kwon-taek
    editor Sun-duk Park
    musicBy Pyong-ha Shin
    producer Seong-man Jin
    productionCompany Jimi Film
    theme south korean