Vruć vetar

Vruć vetar (Serbian Cyrillic: Врућ ветар, ) is one of the most popular Yugoslav TV series that aired in 1980. The show and movie cut from scenes of the show (Avanture Borivoja Šurdilovića (Serbian Cyrillic: Авантуре Боривоја Шурдиловића, English: The Adventures of Borivoje Šurdilović)) were also popular in neighbouring countries (Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, as well as in Czechoslovakia . The main theme (titled "A sad adio", "Now it's time to say goodbye", performed - among others - by Slavko Bešić Čupa and by Oliver Dragojević) became very popular and is enjoying a bit of a cult status.


The show follows the adventures of Šurda, a man in his mid 30s from Vlasotince who comes to Belgrade to work and get rich. In Belgrade he lives in a small house with his granny and uncle Firga, a retired mason. Šurda buys a local barbershop, but this job doesn't suit him, so Šurda sells the barbershop and buys a car to become a taxi driver. He is not successful in this job either, so Šurda, after listening to Bob's story about better life abroad, decides to become gastarbeiter, a guest worker in Germany.