TNT Jackson

TNT Jackson, released in the Philippines as Dynamite Wong and T.N.T. Jackson, is a 1974 American blaxploitation film produced and directed by Cirio H. Santiago. The script was originally written by actor Dick Miller, but Roger Corman had it rewritten.


The film is about Diana Jackson (aka TNT), who learns her brother is missing. She suspects a powerful gangster and his friends are behind the disappearance. Determined to get at the truth, she goes to Hong Kong, and along with a friend named Joe, wages war on the criminal gang she's out to nail.


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    contentLocation Hong Kong
    director Cirio H. Santiago
    editor Barbara Progress Gervasio Santos
    genre action drama
    keywords criminal gang
    musicBy Tito Sotto
    producer Cirio Santiago
    productionCompany HPS Films
    publisher New World Pictures
    theme action drama blaxploitation