Ek Thi Larki

Ek Thi Larki (Hindi: एक थी लड़की, There Was A Girl) is a 1949 Hindi action comedy film by director Roop K. Shorey. It had the famous Punjabi song "Laara Lappa Laara Lappa Layi Rakhda" by Lata Mangeshkar, G. M. Durrani and Mohammad Rafi. The music director was Vinod, with lyrics by Aziz Kashmiri and story by I. S. Johar. The film starred Meena Shorey (as Meena) who became famously known as the "Larra Lappa" girl following the release of the film, and Motilal (as Ranjeet). Other co-stars were Bharat Bhushan, I. S. Johar, Agha, Shakuntala, and Kuldip Kaur.


The movie is based on Meena (Meena Shorey) who is running away from two men, who are blackmailing her for a crime she did not commit. Along the way she meets Ranjeet (Motilal), who is engaged to be married to the daughter of his boss but falls in love with Meena.


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    director Roop K. Shorey
    editor Pran Mehra
    genre action comedy
    keywords engage married motilal run away
    musicBy Vinod ER
    producer Roop K. Shorey
    productionCompany Shorey Films
    theme action comedy