The Model Couple

Le Couple témoin, released in English as The Model Couple''', is a 1977 French and Swiss film by William Klein. It is a satire of consumerism and modernity, and follows the events of a national experiment where a "model couple" representing the typical French pair is subjected to constant surveillance as they undergo experiences both mundane and absurd.


In 1970s France, Jean-Michel (André Dussollier) and Claudine (Anémone) are chosen by the Ministry of the Future to be the "model couple", a heterosexual pair to be used as test subjects in order to create "a new city for the new man" in the year 2000. Immediately upon their arrival at the test facility, Jean-Michel and Claudine are subjected to constant surveillance and monitoring by a pair of unfriendly sociologists (Zouc and Jacques Boudet) who constantly rate and evaluate the couple. The couple are asked to evaluate various state-of-the-art consumer products and to go through their daily routines in increasingly alienating and Kafkaesque circumstances.