Born Into Exile

Born Into Exile is a 1997 television film directed by Eric Laneuville. It featured Seann William Scott in his film debut.


Holly Nolan is a 14-year-old, dealing with the typical issues of someone her age, including peer pressure. Always wanting to hang out with the older crowd, she meets and falls in love with Chris, a 19-year-old guy who was rejected by his family. He is now hoping to attend college and go into forestry once he is out of the military reserve force. When her recently divorced and overly protective mother, Donna, finds out about their relationship, she is outraged, forbidding her from ever seeing him again. Holly, upset that her mother doesn't want to give him a chance because of his age, responds furiously when she kicks him out of her yard. She sneaks out and decides to run away with him to start a new life in California.