Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is a 1945 British musical comedy film directed by John E. Blakeley written by Roney Parsons and Anthony Toner and starring Frank Randle, Nicolette Roeg (sister of director Nic Roeg) and Tony Pendrell.


Spirited orphan Jacqueline Chantry (Nicolette Roeg) is the chauffeuse to wealthy colonel Wright (H.F. Maltby) and his family. Son Eric Wright (Tony Pendrell) and Jacqueline fall in love and plan to marry, but the class conscious colonel's wife (Hilda Bayley) refuses to give her blessing. Saddened, Jacqueline packs her bags and leaves; eventually becoming a nightclub singer. Eric chases after her, but she's already found Frank (Frank Randle), a likeable chap who discovers that Jacqueline is in reality a wealthy heiress.