Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil is a 2002 American slasher film and sequel to Full Moon's horror movie, Killjoy.


A young man, Nicholas “Nic” Gordon, is being chased by dirty cops Officer White and Officer Donnelly. When catch him, handcuff him, and plant cocaine on him so they can make the “arrest”. A week later, Nic and four other minor offenders; Raymond “Ray-Ray” Martin, Eddie Jasper, Cecile “CeCe“ Washington and the shy Charlotte Davis, are taken by detention officers Denise Martinez and Lieutenant Harris Redding to “Loxahatchee Canyon”. They are to spend 90 days at the location that’s “200 miles away” where they will be renovating a group home for fellow delinquents. On the way, their bus engine blows stranding in the middle of nowhere, at night, with no cellphone reception.