Royal Ranch is a British teen dramedy Miniseries of the Walt Disney Company, which is produced for Disney Channel UK. The premiere took place on 20 November 2017 in the Disney Channel App in the UK and Ireland.


Royal Ranch tells the story of Finny, a fun-loving, young girl who can handle horses very well, and lives with her grandmother Anne Marie. When Finny has to sell her beloved horse Lottie, so that her family is not insolvent, she is sad at first. But soon after, her life is turned upside down when Finny accepts King Oswald's offer to teach the warped twins Prince Arthur and Princess Henrietta how to ride. In the beginning, Finny believed she could easily master the challenge, but the twins have all sorts of crazy pranks ready and are very cheeky to Finny. Just as Finny starts to feel comfortable and having fun in San Morania, she comes closer to a family secret. And Finny unexpectedly meets Prince Eugen an ally in the midst of all the madness.


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