Texas to Bataan

Texas to Bataan

Texas to Bataan is a 1942 American film directed by Robert Emmett Tansey. The film is the seventeenth in Monogram Pictures' "Range Busters" series, and it stars John "Dusty" King as Dusty, "Davy" Sharpe and Max "Alibi" Terhune, with Marjorie Manners, Steve Clark and Budd Buster.


Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Army buys some horses from the Range Busters' ranch for service in the Philippines. The cowboys tangle with Axis spies in both Texas and in the Philippines.

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    contentLocation Philippines
    director Robert Emmett Tansey
    editor S. Roy Luby
    genre western
    keywords attack on pearl harbor pearl harbor philippine
    producer Dick Ross George W. Weeks
    theme war