Step on It!

Step on It! is a lost 1922 American Western film directed by Jack Conway and featuring Hoot Gibson, released by Universal Pictures.


As described in a film magazine, Vic Collins (Gibson) is continually losing cattle, but is unable to trace them beyond a stream that skirts his ranch. Lafe Brownell (Girard), an officer from Texas sent to trace cattle thieves, tells Vic that the new telegraph operator Lorraine Leighton (Bedford), whom Vic has become interested in, is at the bottom of the thefts. Vic follows her to a nearby ranch and finds the bed of the stream dry, because the water has been shutoff at a sluice way. Thus, his cattle had been driven across the dry stream and then the water turned on again. Vic is captured by the thieves and threatened with death, but Lorraine rides back to his ranch for help. It turns out that she was mingled with the gang only to obtain evidence to clear her brother's name from falsely being jailed for murder.