26 Summer Street

26 Summer Street is a 1996 short film directed by Steve Larson, conceived and written by Peter Syvertsen, and starring Syvertsen and Rachael Leigh Cook. It is based upon the short story "The Girl with a Pimply Face" by William Carlos Williams.


A doctor is called to treat an ailing infant in an apartment in 26 Summer Street, which is in a poorer area of the town. He is welcomed by the infant's elder sister who tells him right at the door that it looks to her like the infant will die soon. Her mother is not home. While he examines the baby, he notices that the girl scratches her legs. He gives her advice on what to do to help with her legs and cure her acne. The doctor diapers the baby and gives her back to her sister. She asks if the baby is going to die. He says no and leaves with the excuse that he has to visit other patients in the neighborhood and instructs the girl to tell her mother that he will be back at 6 p.m. She wants to come with him, but he passes over the offer with a joke. Before he goes she asks him why he is lying to her—he doesn't have another place around the neighborhood to go to. He just smiles and leaves.

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    director Steve Erik Larson
    editor Tony Fischer
    keywords baby
    musicBy Michael Wandmacher
    producer Scott Ferril
    theme short