Notes for a Film About Donna and Gail

Notes for a Film About Donna and Gail is a Canadian drama film, directed by Don Owen and released in 1966. The film centres on Donna (Michèle Chicoine) and Gail (Jackie Burroughs), two young women who work together at a dress factory and live together as roommates, tracing the evolution and decline of their friendship in a documentary-style format. The film makes use of the then-novel device of an unreliable narrator, ultimately revealing that the film is much more about the narrator's skewed perceptions of the women's relationship than it is about the women themselves. It was inspired in part by the contemporaneous films of Jean-Luc Godard.


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    director Don Owen
    editor Barrie Howells
    genre drama
    producer Julian Biggs
    productionCompany National Film Board of Canada