Videshi Nair Swadeshi Nair

Videshi Nair Swadeshi Nair is a Malayalam film directed by Paulson. Jagadish plays the lead role in the film.


Vindhyan is an unemployed village person who lives in the childhood memories of his cousin and lover Neelima, who is settled in the US. His uncle Rajappan Nair, a wealthy businessman had promised him to marry Neelima to him when she is back home. However, Neelima is engaged to Shivapal, whom she met from US, without the consent of her parents. When she is back home, she decides to proceed the relation with Shivpal, with the support of her mother.

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    director Paulson
    editor G. Murali
    keywords engage true love unemployed united states us
    musicBy S. P. Venkatesh
    producer Jayesh Chengannor
    productionCompany Colourful Cinema
    publisher Colorful Release Vivaswa Release