Jul på Vesterbro

Jul på Vesterbro is a 2003 Danish satire TV Christmas calendar (a TV-series broadcast every day from 1 December to 24 December) targeted adults by Anders Matthesen. It originally aired in December 2003 on DR2, and has since been rebroadcast in 2004, 2009, and 2013. The Christmas calendar is satire on the way Christmas is traditionally presented in TV, by instead presenting drug-addicts, gangsters and religious fanatics, and a social realistic parody on the underclass. It is based an radio show by Matthesen of the same name, sent in 1999 on DR P3.


Stewart Stardust lives in an apartment in Vesterbro with his wife Vivian. Their son, Danny, is a drug addict just released on parole, and he moves in with them. A sociologist for the public authorities, Arne Nougatgren, is checking up on Danny, as a condition for his parole is that he has a well-functioning home, and that somebody can provide for him. Stewart own a mobile hot dog stand (pølsevogn) placed on Christiansborg square, but his income is threatened when its engine is stolen. The family's financial troubles increases when Danny make Randi, a drug-addict prostitute, pregnant, and she starts demanding child support from Danny after giving birth two days later, and when their landlord Greta threatens to kick them out if they do not pay the rent they are behind on. A Muslim named Kafir offers to repair the hot dog stand for free, and have a Russian, Igor, providing him spare parts. At the same time, a news speaker reports of fear of a terror attack against an international summit held at Christiansborg, specifically from a terror organisation called "Yellow Crescent" that seemingly cooperates with weapon smugglers from the former Soviet Union.