Hajar Bachhor Dhore

Hajar Bachhor Dhore

Hajar Bachhor Dhore also (, English: Symphony of Agony) is a Bangladeshi Bengali-language film. It was released in 2005 throughout Bangladesh. It was directed by Kohinur Akter Suchanda. Based on Bangladeshi novelist and film maker Zahir Raihan's most popular novel Hajar Bochhor Dhore, it stars Riaz, newcomer Shashi, Shahnoor, Kohinur Akter Suchanda, ATM Shamsuzzaman and many more.


The story begins years ago with Kashem. He was rich and not lacking of anything except a child. His wife finally requests that he marry again so that he can have children. His wife marries him to a younger woman and then kills herself that night by eating a poisonous flower. This began the tradition of polygamy in this family.