Agnisakshi is an Indian Kannada language television drama that premiered on Colors Kannada on 2 December 2013. It came into the foray due some remarkable performances by the lead pair. Telecast of serial began in Colors Kannada channel and remains the same till date. The show formally came to an end in January 2020, after airing successfully for 6 years. It is the most successful show in kannada television history. It has highest trp record of 19.6 which is still not broken by any of the kannada serials


Two families are associated with Sannidhi, a kind and gentle person who puts the needs of others ahead of hers and Siddharth, a young easy-going, fun-loving businessman. Their marriage was arranged by Siddhartha's elder sister-in-law, Chandrika, who chose Sannidhi because of her infertility and thereby her inability to produce an heir to inherit the family fortune. As time progresses the two fall in love, and Siddharth's younger brother Akhil and Sannidhi's younger sister, Tanu also begin to like each and hope to get married. However, their dreams along with Sannidhi & Siddharth's marriage will be continuously threatened by Chandrika who due to unknown and mysterious reasons (surrounding her father's death, who in turn had a close relation with Vasudev, Siddharth's father) plans to destroy Siddharth's family with the help of her acquaintances. It is also revealed that Chandrika has an elder sister named Radhika who is the real wife of Gautham, the eldest son of Vasudev. The couple have two twin daughters, Kushi and Ayushi. The story revolves around how Sannidhi uses her will power to protect her family by foiling Chandrika's plans.


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    genre drama
    keywords married
    publisher Arka Mediaworks Colors Kannada