Soora is a 2008 Maldivian drama film written and directed by Fathimath Nahula. Produced under Crystal Entertainment, the film stars Ali Ahmed, Amira Ismail and Aminath Ameela in pivotal roles.


Riyaz and Niyaz (both roles played by Ali Ahmed) are two identical twins; Riyaz is happily married to Zeena (Aminath Ameela) while Niyaz is romantically attracted to Nashwa (Amira Ismail) who is being domestically abused by her drug addict husband, Shifan (Mahir). Niyaz was able to save Nashwa from her miserable life but the family met with an unfortunate incident when the cycle Niyaz and Riyaz were driving gets crashed in an accident ultimately killing the latter.


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    director Yoosuf Shafeeu
    genre drama
    keywords abuse drive drug addict identical twin kill married
    producer Fathimath Nahula
    productionCompany Crystal Entertainment