Janmantar was a popular Bengali television soap opera that premiered on June 6, 2011 and aired on Mahuaa Bangla. It was produced by Shree Venkatesh Films and stars Ayush Mukherjee as the male protagonist, Moumita Chowdhury as female protagonist and Swagata Mukherjee as female antagonist. Pradip Chakraborty, Ratna Ghoshal and Suchismita Chowdhury act in supporting roles


The story revolves around Kadambadi Basu Thakur (Swagata Mukherjee), her grandson Prasun Basu Thakur (Ayush Mukherjee) and Tanaya Sanyal (Moumita Chowdhury) . They are all trapped in a web of deception, conspiracy, murder and reincarnation. Prasun and Tanaya's previous life still haunts them in their present life.