Back Door to Hell

Back Door to Hell

Back Door to Hell is a 1964 film concerning a three-man team of United States soldiers preparing the way for Gen. MacArthur's World War II return to the Philippines by destroying a Japanese communications center. It was produced on a relatively small budget and received lukewarm reviews.


Three American servicemen land in the Philippines and request the aid of a group of guerillas in the fight against the Japanese. The Japanese secret police learn of this and hold the children of the village hostage, threatening to kill one of them every hour until the Americans are handed over, but the Americans and guerilla fighters rescue the children and capture some Japanese prisoners after a difficult battle. When Lt. Craig hesitates and does not shoot two escaping Japanese, Jersey says that he is cracking under pressure. The Americans unsuccessfully interrogate the prisoners for information about beach defenses and troop movements but Paco, leader of the guerillas, successfully obtains the information through torture. Lt. Craig is distraught that the prisoners are then executed by the guerillas.

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    contentLocation Philippines
    director Monte Hellman
    editor Fely Crisostomo
    events Japanese occupation of the Philippines Pacific War
    keywords crack kill morse code secret police
    musicBy Mike Velarde
    producer Fred Roos
    productionCompany Lippert Pictures
    recordedAt Philippines
    theme war