On That Night... While We Dream

Gong Shou Dao is a 2017 Chinese kung fu short film directed by Wen Zhang and produced by Jet Li. The film stars Jack Ma, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Wu Jing, Tony Jaa, Jacky Heung, Asashōryū Akinori, Zou Shiming, and Natasha Liu Bordizzo. The film was released on November 11, 2017, during the Double 11 Shopping Carnival.


One day, Master Ma is walking down the street, suddenly he sees the words "Huashan Sect" hiding between the green grass. He closes his eyes and hence the duel with different martial artists masters begins.

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    director Wen Zhang
    genre action
    keywords hide huashan sect martial artist walk
    producer Jet Li
    productionCompany Alibaba Group
    theme martial arts short