Awwal Number

Awwal Number is a 1990 Indian sports action film directed by Dev Anand. The film features the then 67-year-old Dev Anand with Aditya Pancholi and Aamir Khan. Dev Anand first offered the role of Ranvir Singh to cricketer Imran Khan.


The story revolves around cricket where a new star Sunny (Aamir Khan) has been included in the team in place of another famous star Ronny (Aditya Pancholi). All this creates hatred in the heart of Ronny against Sunny, although Sunny respects him. Ronny decides to take revenge on Sunny; meanwhile a terrorist decides to put a bomb in the field where a match is to be organised between India and Australia.

    More details

    director Dev Anand
    genre action
    keywords australia bomb cricket hatred india terrorist
    musicBy Bappi Lahiri
    producer Navketan Productions
    theme sports