The Class

The Class is an Estonian film about school violence directed by Ilmar Raag. It was released on March 16, 2007. A 7 episode series was later produced, telling what happens after the initial movie. The series was called Class: Life After (, which can also be translated as "Class: For Life").


Joosep Raak (Pärt Uusberg) is an Estonian teenager who is being bullied by his entire high school class, the ring leader of them all is Anders (Lauri Pedaja), his accomplice Paul (Mikk Mägi) and three other friends Toomas (Joonas Paas), Tiit (Virgo Ernits) and Olav (Karl Sakrits). Anders encourages the class to continually beat up Joosep, and harass him in other ways as well, such as fully undressing him and then pushing him in the girls' changing room. However classmate Kaspar Kordes (Vallo Kirs) decides to go into a matter of loyalty by going against Anders and the others' entertainment of harassing Joosep by defending him, such as giving him a spare pair of shoes when Paul had torn them, which does not sit well with the whole class and so Kaspar becomes separated from the whole group the class had formed. Kaspar's love interest Thea (Paula Solvak) becomes distant to him and this begins to worry him but continues to defend Joosep.