The Unspeakable

The Unspeakable (Polish: O czym się nie mówi, also O czem się nie mówi) is a 1924 Polish lost silent drama film directed by Edward Puchalski, starring Jadwiga Smosarska and Wanda Siemaszkowa. It was remade in 1939.


Krajewski, a banking clerk, falls in love with Frania, a girl he met accidentally. Frania returns the favor, but it turns out that she is so impoverished that she works as a prostitute. She's completely dependent on her pimp, Kosz, and his partner in crime, Prysadna. The next day Krajewski meets Kosz, who treats him as a client and offers him to find and deliver a woman that Krajewski is looking for. Krajewski describes Frania, who is brought to him. Krajewski then offers Frania the prospect of a life together.

    More details

    director Edward Puchalski
    genre drama
    keywords bank impoverish partner in crime
    productionCompany Sfinks
    theme silent