LG15: The Last

LG15: The Last is a social show produced by Australian lonelygirl15 fans in 2009, and presented by EQAL on Due to the downturn in the economy, EQAL's show LG15: The Resistance was put on hiatus, and instead, the producers decided to open a contest for the fans. LG15: The Last was the result of this contest, entitled "LG15: The Show Is Yours," which allowed fans to submit pilot episodes and trailers of spin-off shows based on the Lonelygirl15 mythology, where the selected pilot would become an official LG15 Franchise show. Allowing a crowdsourced project to take over production responsibilities was seen as "unprecedented." LG15: The Last did not win the contest at first (it was runner up), but when the original winner backed out, they became the featured show.


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    genre drama social