Solsidan (lit. "The Sunny Side") is a Swedish television comedy series that premiered on 29 January 2010 on TV4. The series is named after a small part of Saltsjöbaden called Solsidan. It revolves around Alex (Felix Herngren) and Anna (Mia Skäringer) who are expecting their first child and have just moved to Alex's childhood home in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm County. Alex tries to get Anna to enjoy herself, and at the same time spend time with his childhood friend Fredde (Johan Rheborg). Ten episodes were scheduled to air in the first season. A second ten-episode season premiered 16 January 2011.


Alex Löfström (Felix Herngren) is a 39-year-old dentist who moves back to his childhood home in posh Saltsjöbaden with his girlfriend Anna Svensson (Mia Skäringer). They are expecting their first child. Anna works as an actress and feels alienated in Alex's home town. She does everything she can to fit in. Alex's mother Margareta (Mona Malm) has sold the house to Alex and Anna, but thinks she is still allowed to drop by whenever she wants. Alex is reunited with his childhood friend Fredrik "Fredde" Schiller (Johan Rheborg), who lives in one of the town's fanciest houses with his wife Mikaela "Mickan" (Josephine Bornebusch) and their two children. Ove Sundberg (Henrik Dorsin) is another one of Alex's childhood friends and is seen as the most annoying person in Saltsjöbaden. He lives with his greedy and pushy wife Anette (Malin Cederbladh).