Enga Amma Rani

Enga Amma Rani (English: Our mother is a queen), is a 2017 Tamil-language horror drama film directed by S. Bani. The film stars Dhansika, Varnika, and Varsha in the lead roles, while Shankar Srihari, Anil Murali, and Namo Narayana play supporting roles. The film's score and soundtrack were composed by Ilaiyaraaja,.


In Malaysia, the single mother Thulasi (Dhansika) lives with her twin daughters Meera (Varnika) and Tara (Varsha). Her husband Sathya is missing, and she cannot return to India. Caught between financial issues and visa issues, Thulasi decides to work in a grocery store. One day, all of a sudden, Tara dies. Dr. Murali (Shankar Srihari) tells Thulasi that her daughter had Long QT syndrome, and she learns that Meera is diagnosed with the same illness.


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    editor A. L. Ramesh
    genre drama horror
    keywords grocery store kidnap long qt syndrome malaysia possess single mother
    musicBy Ilaiyaraaja
    productionCompany MK Films