Indra En Selvam

Indra En Selvam

Indira En Selvam is a 1962 Indian Tamil-language drama film, directed by C. Padmanaban and produced by S. Soundappan and C. Chenna Kesavan. The film's script was written by Viruthai Ramasamy, with music by C. N. Padurangan and H. R. Pathmanabha Sastri. The film stars Baby Sumangala, Pandari Bai M. R. Radha and S. A. Ashokan, with Nagesh A. Karunanidhi, Gemini Chandra and C. Lakshmi Rajyam in supporting roles. The film was an average success.


Indra (Baby Sumangala) is a child whose mother dies in labour. A kindhearted nurse (Pandari Bai) brings her up as her own child. The nurse's life becomes increasingly unbearable as she is harassed by the advances of a villainous doctor (M. R. Radha). Left with no choice, she moves to another town, where she joins a hospital. As part of the condition of employment, she declares that she has no dependents. Thus the child is left alone in school, The children at the school taunt her for being an orphan and not knowing who her father was. In sheer despair, the little girl writes a letter to her father "Care Of God". Much to her surprise and delight, she receives a toy as a gift with her father's name on the package. With justifiable pride, she shows the toy to her friends. Using the child, the villain tries to blackmail the nurse. After many hurdles, the child is saved from his clutches by the nurse and her doctor-lover (S. A. Ashokan). The film ends with the couple marrying and adopting Indra.