How Men Propose

How Men Propose is a 1913 American silent short comedy film, usually credited to Lois Weber and Phillips Smalley as directors and to Weber as writer and producer, although their definite authorship cannot be confirmed. The film has recently not been included in Weber's filmography by scholars, and the Library of Congress, while listing it as one of Weber's films notes that "the director is unknown, but may be Lois Weber." It was produced by the Crystal Film Company and distributed by the Universal Film Manufacturing Company.


Three friends, without knowing it, successively propose to a woman named Grace Darling, all three receiving a photo from her as a sign of acceptance. Back at their shared apartment, the men proudly present the photos of what each of them thinks to be his future wife. Realizing that they have been duped, the men attempt to confront the woman who, in the meantime, has left her apartment, conveying through her maid a letter to each of them. The men learn that Grace Darling is a journalist writing an article on male courtship who has only been doing research on the question "how men propose".

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    director Lois Weber
    genre comedy
    keywords write
    producer Lois Weber
    productionCompany Crystal Film Company
    publisher Universal Film Manufacturing Company
    theme short