Penrod and Sam

Penrod and Sam

Penrod and Sam is a 1937 drama film directed by William C. McGann and written by Lillie Hayward and Hugh Cummings. It was the third screen version of American writer Booth Tarkington's novel Penrod and Sam. The film stars Billy Mauch, Frank Craven, Spring Byington, Craig Reynolds, Harry Watson and Jackie Morrow. The film was released by Warner Bros. on February 28, 1937.


Penrod Schofield and his gang are the Jr. G Men, a secret club where all members are sworn to uphold the law and turn in crooks. When the mother of the youngest member is killed by bank robbers, the boys go into action.


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    director William C. McGann
    editor Thomas Pratt
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords bank robber kill
    musicBy Howard Jackson
    producer Bryan Foy
    productionCompany Warner Bros.
    publisher Warner Bros.