Inimey Nangathan

Inimey Nangathan (English: Hereafter We Are) is a 2007 Tamil-language Indian animated children's film directed by Venkybaboo. It became the first Tamil film to be animated, however the film went unnoticed due to the lack of big stars.


Vichu, Varadhu, Vaithi and Govind are four friends and they earn their livelihood doing Kathakalakshepam. They want to become rich and famous. They come across an old lady, who advises them to meet a Swamiji who, she tells them, would help them to become rich overnight. The Swamiji agrees to help them but on one condition—they should retrieve a holy necklace from Rakshasas who live in a cave.


    More details

    director Venkybaboo
    editor B. Lenin
    keywords old lady
    musicBy Ilaiyaraaja
    producer S.Sridevi
    productionCompany Mayabimbham Media P Ltd
    publisher Mayabimbham Media P Ltd
    theme animated children's