Premaya Nam ප්‍රේමය නම්

Dirty, Yellow, Darkness (also known as Premaya Nam in Sri Lanka and certain Asian countries) is a 2017 Sri Lankan psychological drama film written and directed by Kalpana Ariyawansha and Vindana Ariyawansha. Produced by Kalpana Ariyawansha (under his banner East West Entertainment), Prem Dissanayake, Athula Mahawalage, and Sujeewa Wijesinghe. The film stars Shyam Fernando, Samanalee Fonseka in lead roles along with Suranga Ranawaka, Buddhadasa Vithanarachchi and Sathis Wijemanne in supportive roles. It is the 1270th Sri Lankan film in the Sinhala cinema.


Vishwa (Shyam Fernando) is a director in an advertisement marketing company. Vishwa realizes that his mentality is somewhat abnormal from others. Vishwa stated his condition to Samadi, his wife (Samanalee Fonseka), before their marriage. After the marriage, his condition worsened, and he refuses to take his medicine. He starts to believe that when he pees, it will get all over him and his surroundings. So he wants to take a bath every time after he pees and wants to buy new clothes. He thinks that his old clothes have germs. With this condition, he gets troubled by his personal life and his professional career.