Dokgo Rewind

Dokgo Rewind (Korean: 독고 리와인드; RR: Doggo Liwaindeu) is a 2018 South Korean action web-seriesbased on popular webtoon of the same name by Meen and Baek Seung-hoon. It stars Oh Sehun, Jo Byung-gyu, Ahn Bo-hyun, and Mina. The web-film deals with bullying, violence and corruption within the high schools among the delinquent circle and how three boys from different lives come together to fight school violence. A production of Samhwa Networks, it was released online via Kakao Page and oksusu on September 7, 2018, and is also available on Viki.


Kang Hyuk (Oh Sehun), a middle-school student took down 30 high-school students single-handedly and got the name 'Dokgo'. 2 years later, he is a dropout and hangs out with his two friends: Choi Jae-Wook (Shin Won-ho) and Goo Bon-hwan (Lee Bum-kyu) who are also dropouts. One day, Hyuk and his friends save Kim Kyu-soon who was getting bullied at the alley, Kyu-soon befriends them asks them to help him protect his sister, Kim Hyun-sun (Mina). He tells about the Ki Cheon High and Dang Young High school alliances, a group of delinquents who bullies students and takes money from them to support their circles. Cho Kang-hoon is the leader of Ki Cheon High and Kim Sung-kyu is the leader of Dang Young High.