Para verte mejor

Para verte mejor

Para verte mejor is a Venezuelan telenovela written by Mónica Montañes and produced by Sandra Riobóo for Venevisión. The series is starring Michelle de Andrade as Ana, José Ramón Barreto as Guillermo and Luis Gerónimo Abreu as Onofre. It premiered on July 25, 2017 and ended on December 5, 2017.


Several families move into an apartment building with their illusions, fears and secrets. But no one can imagine the danger they are facing from Onofre Villahermosa, a charming, handsome, friendly neighbour who is actually a criminal, a murderer and psychopath who has installed hidden cameras all over the building to monitor the lives of the occupants and manipulate them like puppets while trying to ensure no one discovers who he really is.