Adam's Testament

Adam's Testament

Adam's Testament is a Canadian 2017 drama film directed by Jason Barbeck and Rafael Kalamat. It premiered in theaters of Canada on April 18, 2017. The film stars Philip Moran, Luke Bilyk, Nick Mancuso, Frank Chiesurin and Zoé De Grand Maison.


After the tragic death of his mother, Adam takes refuge even more in music with his band and his girlfriend. His father, Joseph, who works as a detective, is faced with the mission of saving Adam's soul, since angels and demons disguise themselves as humans. This ancient spiritual war between good and evil will put Adam's faith to the test, while an unknown being full of darkness descends to Toronto to further damage this war.

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    editor Simone Smith
    genre drama
    keywords angels and demons
    musicBy Nicholas Schnier
    producer Jason Barbeck Rafael Kalamat
    productionCompany Reel Deal Guys Entertainment