Zero: Dragon Blood

is Japanese television series, spin-off from the Garo metaseries. As with Zero: Black Blood, the series' protagonist is Rei Suzumura, once again performed by Ray Fujita.


Centuries ago, there were no Makai Knights and only Makai Priests. It was darker times and humanity often sacrificed their own children to spare themselves from the predatory Horrors. One day, a baby was rescued by a Makai Dragon and raised him as his own, he would be known as Dragon Knight Edel. Seeing the incredible Horror-slaying abilities of dragon power, the Makai Order wanted it for themselves and kidnapped one for study. Edel fought against the priests that would kidnap his dragon partner, Nova, and their egg. Nova sacrificed herself by burning all the priests and shelled Edel from the inferno before transforming into a forest. Within the center lies the unborn dragon egg, hidden from humanity until modern times. A little girl, Alice Hiromi, discovered that egg in recent times and bonded with it until the Makai Order found the egg. In an age of Makai Knights, the order decided to have it sealed away in a secret place of dangerous artifacts, however, Alice wants the egg back.