Nee Varuvai Ena (Because(Hoping) You Will Come)

Nee Varuvai Ena (For You To Arrive) is a 1999 Tamil romantic drama film directed by Rajakumaran starring Parthiban and Devayani in lead roles, with Ajith Kumar and Suvalakshmi in guest appearances. Ramesh Khanna, Vijayakumar, Fathima Babu, Jaiganesh, and Sathyapriya also play important roles. The film opened in August 1999 to positive reviews and performed well commercially.


Ganesh (Parthiban), is the only son of Mudaliar-Gounder inter-caste parents (Jaiganesh and Sathyapriya). He loses several prospective brides due to this and spends his time dreaming of marriage. On a bus ride to Chengalpattu to take up a promotion as a bank manager, he gets involved in an accident. The scene shifts to three months later when he finally shows up at Chengalpattu. Nandini (Devayani), who lives in the house opposite to his, showers affection on him, gives him coffee, provides him with hot water, etc. Ganesh falls in love with Nandini, but when he visits her family with his parents to talk about marriage, she rejects him.