The Last Samurai or Ōkami yo Rakujitsu o Kire

The Last Samurai also known as "Ōkami yo Rakujitsu o Kire" is a 1974 Japanese jidaigeki film, directed by Kenji Misumi. Based on Shōtarō Ikenami's novel "Sonootoko". The film is Kenji Misumi's last film.


Set in the end of Edo period in Kyoto. Sugi, a young samurai found a new father in the person of Ikemoto from whom he learned the art of the sword(Mugai ryu). Ikemoto, a spy in the pay of the Tokugawa shogun and sensing the near end of the samurai world, implores Sugi to stay away from the political struggles and violent conflicts. Sugi makes friends with four guys (samurai), but ruthless fate is waiting for them.