Rush is a 2019 Sri Lankan Sinhala action thriller romance film directed by Mahesh Munasinghe as his debut cinema direction and produced by Wasantha Wijendra & Rum Motion Pictures. It stars Uddika Premarathna, Saranga Disasekara and debut actress Iresha Asanki De Silva in lead roles along with Lucky Dias and Sanath Gunathilake in supportive roles. Music composed by Eranga Jayawardena and lyrics by Nilar N. Cassim and Kelum Srimal. Song release and press conference of the film was held at Savoy Premiere Wellawatta. It is the official sinhala remake of 1998 Tamil film Priyamudan.


Rashan Wijemanna who nicknamed Rush is a son of a wealthy businessman named Sunil Wijemanna. He grows up with a possessive attitude, and is almost considered as a psychopath by the audience. Rush goes to trip to Kandy with his best friend Rashantha and other friends. They stay at a hotel. One Day, Rashan went to a gift shop, where he breaks a gift which he likes solely as it had already been brought by someone else. He pays the owner to cover the damages but responds with a negative tagline - "If I can't get it, nobody can". He happens to visit Rajasthan, where he meets Pooja and it is love at first sight for Rashan. Pooja is injured in an accident, and Rashan's best friend Rashantha Saparamadu who nicknamed Shan rescues her by donating blood. Being unconscious, Pooja does not know the face of her savior, only the name "Rashantha Saparamadu".