Saaya is a 2018 Pakistani horror drama television series directed by Syed Muhammad Khurram, produced by Babar Javed and written by Wajeeha Sahar. The drama stars Maham Amir, Sohail Sameer and Kiran Tabeer in lead roles, and aired from 21 March 2018 on Geo Entertainment thrice a week Wednesday,Thursday and Friday nights at 9:00 P.M. The theme of the series is karma.


The drama revolves around a girl name Sauleha who lives with her husband Rashid and their daughters, but is pressed by her mother-in-law to produce a son otherwise she will be thrown out of the house. Sauleha delivers a baby boy but the boy gets exchanged for a girl by Qayyum in the hospital who is desperate to have a son. Sauleha's mother-in-law does not accept the baby girl and in order to get away from her presence she performs black magic which disturbs the mind of Sauleha. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law murder her but pretend it is suicide. Rashid forcefully marries Saba but he doesn't accept her as a wife and this disturbs Saba. The family starts facing paranormal activities and the invisible presence kills a number of people. Meanwhile, the demon possesses Saba but Rashid thinks that she has a mental illness, and then Sauleha's spirit continues to haunt Qayyum's house and is on a mission to avenge her killers.


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    genre drama horror
    keywords baby baby boy black magic mental illness
    publisher Geo Entertainment