Dhevana An'bi

Dhevana An'bi

Dhevana An'bi is a 1994 Maldivian family drama film directed by Ibrahim Rasheed. Produced by Hussain Rasheed under Farivaa Films, the film stars Chilhiya Moosa Manik, Hassan Afeef and Mariyam Haajara in pivotal roles. Filming took place in Kochi, India and was released on 28 March 1994.


Abdul Ghadir (Chilhiya Moosa Manik), a senior citizen, applies for a vacant accountant post at Hotel Santosh and meets the manager Shahid (Hassan Afeef). With an emotional talk, Ghadir gets confirmed with the job. Shahid inspires to develop his hotel and succeeds in securing a loan despite his lack of his experience in the industry. He falls in love with Bank Manager's daughter Shafiya (Mariyam Haajara). Upon meeting Ghadir she stormily moves out of office, recalling a prior incident of Ghadir begging Shafiya's step-mother Majidha (Arifa Ibrahim) and uncle Amjad (Hamid Ali) for a job. Witnessing Ghadir's loyalty and dedication towards him, Shahid gifted him a house.