The Iron Buddha

The Iron Buddha

The Iron Buddha is a 1970 Hong Kong wuxia film directed by Yan Jun and produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio, starring Ling Yun, Fang Ying, Chan Hung-lit, Wong Chung-shun, Yue Wai. The film featured action choreography by Sammo Hung, who also appears in a minor role.


After attempting to rape the daughter of celebrated kung fu master Liu Peng, Xiao Tianzun is caught and punished, the master leaving a mark on Xiao's body. Years later, Xiao seeks out his revenge and slaughters Liu Peng, his two daughters, and all of the master's disciples save one. Luo Han, the last surviving disciple, decides to avenge his master when he discovers what has happened. To counter Xiao's Evil Poisonous Sword, Luo must find the legendary Hulong Blade. During his journey, Luo saves a damsel-in-distress named Peony and gets into a fight with Master Geng Xian and his goon squad. Having never seen Xiao Tianzun face to face, Luo is deceived when Xiao poses as an ally and tries to steal the Hulong Blade from him. It ends as it must in a final showdown between Xiao Tianzun and Luo Han.


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    director Yan Jun
    editor Chiang Hsing-lung
    genre action
    keywords kung fu master survive
    musicBy Wang Fu-ling
    producer Run Run Shaw
    productionCompany Shaw Brothers Studio
    publisher Shaw Brothers Studio
    theme kung fu martial arts wuxia