Trippin is a 1999 comedy film directed by David Raynr and starring Deon Richmond, Maia Campbell, Donald Faison, and Guy Torry. The film provided one of Anthony Anderson's earliest film roles.


Greg (Deon Richmond) is nearing the end of his high school days as graduation slowly approaches. He is also anxiously awaiting prom and has the hopes of going with Cinny (Maia Campbell), the school's local beauty. Along with these wants, Greg is also an avid daydreamer and daydreams (trippin') over everything. Most of his "trips" are reversals of real world events, such as visualizing himself as a military commando when confronted by bullies, or as a super genius when in fact he struggles academically. Since he is about to graduate his mother and a teacher encourage him to apply for college. He finally realizes asking for help with the college applications is a great way for him to get in good with Cinny. So they slowly start a friendship but Greg wants it to blossom into a romance so he begins to lie about things. Things go smoothly and are believable until they fall apart one day. Afterward, Greg realizes he needs to stop daydreaming ("trippin'") and focus.