A Pinky and the Brain Christmas

A Pinky and the Brain Christmas

A Pinky and the Brain Christmas is a 1995 animated television special based on the Pinky and the Brain TV series. It is directed by Rusty Mills and features the voices of Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche. It is about the eponymous genetically modified mice, who are bent on world domination, attempting to deceive Santa Claus into delivering hypnotic devices as presents during Christmas.


While Pinky is writing his Christmas list to Santa Claus, whom he believes in with great faith, Brain is developing a new hypnotic doll called Noodle Noggin. Brain calculates that by manufacturing and distributing 1 billion Noodle Noggins, the world's population can be hypnotized into accepting Brain as ruler. When Brain spots on an advertisement for jobs at Santa's workshop, he realizes the elves would be ideal to make the dolls, and Santa can deliver them. The mice set off by plane, hiding in a dummy while a female pilot unwittingly flies them to the North Pole.