De drabbade (The Affected in English) is a 2003 Swedish TV series. It was partly inspired by the Danish TV-Series De udvalgde from 2001, but has even more been the inspiration for the American TV series Heroes.


A supernatural force sweeps over Scandinavia and Finland, causing all satellite and radar facilities to stop working for a duration of 6 seconds. During this time certain people get affected by the force and receive different kind of supernatural capacities, as their weaknesses are turned into their greatest asset. One by one they are recruited to one of two sides in an upcoming battle between light and darkness. The two groups are led by The Bright Lady and The Dark Lady. All are in danger as the Hunter seeks to hunt them down one by one. After both groups have formed (the Baby-girl is believed to be dead, but is found alive in some fishermen's net, having spent months in the cold water of the Bothnian Bay), all affected in both camps begin to amplify their skills, and it is assumed to be some kind of war between the two groups. However this is not the case.